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Operation ReOrganization – Episode 210

Added 1 year ago

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Organizing and storing expensive camera gear, neatly and safely into a lop-sided room will take some gearing up. With designer Karen Flemming's laser sharp skills, we're hoping for a Hollywood ending! For our mid-seas...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 209

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This week Closet Factory's Operation ReOrganization re-visits Susan Williams and Chris Kimmons to see how life has been since they dared to let long-time friends, Jeff and Tami venture into their "closet abyss." Ou...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 208

Added 1 year ago

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Think five closets over the course of ten years is enough for Mike and Judy Sowden?  Well think again!  These repeat clients are enlisting the services of Closet Factory once more to build them a great office unit/ent...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 207

Added 1 year ago

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On this week's show, client Suzanne Goldblatt enlists the help of Closet Factory to design a drawer bank and wardrobe in her bathroom. The kicker? Make it look like it's been there all along! Also, we check in with...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 206

Added 1 year ago

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It's a FAMILY AFFAIR on this week's episode! Watch as Claudia designs spaces to suit the needs of three generations of Damergis women, including client Hope's 99 year old mother! They're even able to carve out some sp...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 205

Added 2 years ago

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When Joe & Claudia Cosimano moved from a 5 bedroom home to a 1 level condo, they were willing to sacrifice their laundry room and some closet and storage spaces, but when it came to the pantry - these two chef hob...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 204

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With their new home being renovated, Amy and Marcus Dragas knew they wanted to do something special with their closet space. Hanging? Check. Tie racks? Check. A center island to go right under their chandelier? Check!...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 203

Added 2 years ago

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When you're a professional ballroom dancer, your wardrobe is a little different from the average person.  Sequins, ruffles, and jewel-encrusted fabric take up a lot of dance floor!  Betty Lu, owner of DanceSport VA wa...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 202

Added 2 years ago

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Andrew and Christy Daly have a BIG problem! What do you do with a completely empty living room, 18ft, ceilings, and a 70-inch television? Watch as Closet Factory transforms a cold, uninviting space into a warm and coz...

Operation ReOrganization – Episode 201

Added 2 years ago

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The amazing team at Closet Factory is back for another season! Episode #1 opens with an oversized master closet installation with an oversized WOW factor...and a few new surprises!  You'll be surprised to find out ...